HE JUST F**KS ME instead of chilling with me

from SinisterLime

I can't stop thinking about last weekend... these hot situations keep popping up in my head because I haven't experienced anything this hot in a long time. Actually, we were just planning a cozy evening... I think it was TOO cozy! At some point the clothes became less and less and the atmosphere became more and more hot! This violently horny guy just ripped my clothes off and I HAD to suck his hot s*****z #b****n... I just couldn't ignore him! You know how much I love giving head! So I had his hot S*****z in my #f**kmaul for a good half hour until he #doggy #f**ked me. He fucks so well, hasn't had such hot #s*x for a long time... we then easily did it 6 more times in one night. Couldn't get enough of each other! And then the little #drecksau also films everything. Just my taste ;) Oh what the hell, I think I'll get this horny #dick again! Do you want to see it again? Maybe he films more often ;)


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