When girlfriends are among themselves...! Whirpool ecstasy with NoraDevot!

from Maja-Meer

My friend Nora and I had so much fun on our first hot tub experience together that we definitely want to do it again while we are still in this wonderful accommodation! We get into the hot tub with a cocktail and I'm really excited to see what happens today. I've been craving Nora all day. After we take off our bikinis, we each slip a Lush into our p***y, because today we want to really relax! Wow, you wouldn't believe how horny it makes me to see how Nora's lust increases and to watch her touch herself. I want to feel her, touch her...! We massage each other's naked, wet breasts, lick the already hard nipples and get more and more excited. When I get between Nora's legs and lick her wet pussy, we can hardly stand it with lust! Omg! It tastes so good and her pussy is really twitching! We KISS each other for the first time, soap our naked bodies with the foam and have so much fun together! But...see for yourself!


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