Secretary gets f**ked bare by the boss! 😏

from Maja-Meer

Today is another super stressful day at the office. Just a typical Monday. The work is already piling up and then my boss, of all people, comes around the corner and tells me that the quarterly figures have to be ready on his desk by the end of the day. Oh man, that too. I groan and grumble about all the work and how stressed I am today. Oh f**k, did I just do that in front of my boss?! To my amazement, my boss comes up to me and starts massaging my back. He says he's going to help me relax a bit. He undoes the first button of my blouse and I start to get pretty hot, because I have to admit that I've had my eye on my boss for a while now. How often have I imagined him f**king me at work? And now it's really happening! After he has fucked me hard over the desk, he squirts his cream all over my face and my glasses. It even tastes delicious too hihi! Oh yes, I really needed the relaxation today! "Mrs. Meer!" it echoes muffled in my head. "Are you dreaming? I still need the quarterly figures today!" F**k? Was that just a daydream? ... But where are my panties? 😳


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