Naked massage for my best friend Nora!

from Maja-Meer

During our little girls' trip, we treated ourselves to some relaxation. After the hot mess in the hot tub, Nora asked me to come into the bedroom to give her a massage. Of course, I couldn't refuse her request. After all, she should get all the relaxation she deserves 😏 She is already waiting for me naked in the bedroom, I quickly grab my favorite massage oil and after I have also taken off my bathrobe, I sit down over her so that I can start massaging her back. I take a relaxed, calm and sensual approach. I keep going back to her hot ass. It's so nice and tight! I let her turn around and massage her front too. Above all, I take care of her firm and plump tits and her sweet little pussy. Will I be able to massage her to orgasm? 💦


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