MFMF - we swap our partners!

from Maja-Meer

After the last foursome, we just had to do it again and go one step further this time. Today it's not enough for us to just have sex with our partner next to each other. No! Today we want to swap partners! The four of us love to have hot sex together. Together Elena and I make the boys hot, and then of course hard with our mouths ;) Oh yes, that's how we like it best! We want to feel your cum deep inside our wet and tight pussies. Let's swap so that we can both feel your cum. I love watching her get fucked hard, playing with her and making out with her while we get fucked! Foursome f**ks are so special to me and I can't get enough of them. Have fun with our hot new video! Kisses, Maja :*

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