I ride your s*****z off! POV 😈

from Maja-Meer

After my pretty strenuous butt workout I'm ultra horny on your cock. I'll show you my plump ass in my tight sports leggings. My legs are burning from the workout but I really want to ride you off. So pants down, thong aside and I first rub my tight shaved pussy and my big ass on your cock. After I've rubbed your cock nice and hard, I sit down with my tight pussy on top. Oh yes, that's exactly what I need after this hard workout. I ride your cock really hard, forwards and backwards so that you can first see my big tits bouncing up and down and then have a great view of my plump, fat ass. How cool it bounces off your loins with every thrust. Will you squirt on my hot ass? 😏💦


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