F**k me hard and I'll s****te for you! 💦

from Maja-Meer

Look, I've got my new green lingerie for you. Do you like it? Apparently yes, because I can already see the bulge in your pants. I'm lying on the sofa and you start to pamper my pussy with your fingers. But can you hear how much my pussy is already smacking? I think I'm already ready for your hard cock. Pull my panties aside and fuck me hard in my tight pussy! 😈 I really need your cock inside me today. I'm just so horny that I want to let all my lust out and show it, and that's exactly what I do. While you wank your S*****z in front of my face to squirt your load in my face, I bring myself to orgasm so hard that I S****TE!!! F**k, I didn't expect that! It's just an incredibly hot and satisfying feeling 😏 Thank you for the mega hot f**k!


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