Dominant Bundi f**ks me hard! 😏

from Maja-Meer

Anyone who knows me a bit knows that my biggest weakness is men in uniforms and I could hardly wait for the date with my first Bundi! So this will be my very first f**k with a dominant guy in uniform! 😍 F**k I'm already so nervous. When he stands in front of me like this, I'm suddenly totally shy. Luckily, he takes the lead straight away, grabs my hair and rams his cock deep into my mouth. He really goes for it, but that's exactly how I love it! Deept****t, hair pulling and a slap in the face - yes, give me more! When he pushes me back onto the bed, I turn around and face him with my pussy... I finally want to feel his cock deep inside me! 😈 But just see for yourself...

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