A***h spanking from my friend Nora 👋🏻

from Maja-Meer

I've been longing to be dominated and spanked by a woman for so long. When I told my friend Nora about my wish, she didn't hesitate for long. She put on a hot dominatrix outfit with boots and took out a paddle. God, she looks hot - to worship. Oh my, is this really happening right now? She takes me by the leash and leads me around the room on all fours. I'm already so horny that I'm completely leaking. Then she leads me to the sofa, pulls up my skirt and ... CLANG, her hand lands on my bare ass. With every stroke I feel the butt plug in my tight asshole, which makes me even hornier. She takes out her paddle and makes my asshole glow. F**k, this is even hornier than in my imagination! I enjoy every single stroke from her and love how red my asshole gets from her 🤤


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