1st time pushing mud! He squirts into me twice!

from Maja-Meer

After you have given me a really pleasant anal massage on the bed, I rub my pussy with relish on your cock. You have your eyes on my big, plump ass. Oh yes, I really need it today! Let's skip the long foreplay: I want to be fucked NOW 😏 I'm riding your hot cock and just want to feel your cock deep inside me. F**k that makes me horny! Come on, it goes even deeper in the missionary position. It doesn't take long for you to squirt your cum load into my tight little pussy, but that's not enough for me today! I want MORE! Keep fucking me and cum in me again 💦 I'm so horny and need two loads from you in my tight pussy today. Do you like the feeling of fucking me while your cock is already inside me? Apparently so, because the second load won't be long in coming... 😈


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