From the rest area to the f**k hole - That's what he gets when he abandons me in the Czech Republic and the revenge sxtape went directly to his phone

by Lisa-Sophie

We were just on the way to Prague, just over the border in the Czech Republic, when the big fight started. I noticed that a strange woman had written to him, but he completely denied it. I was so pissed at him and told him to please stop because I needed to go to the bathroom. He really stopped too which amazed me but then when I came back he was gone. Yes he had really gone off without me and left me at the rest area. I did not know what to do. Suddenly I saw another car with German license plates and at the wheel was still the driver. I asked him if he could give me a ride. He even had to go to Prague as well. What a luck :) On the way my guy wrote me and told me that he also cancelled the hotel and I can watch where I stay. My ride offered me that I could spend the night at his place. The next morning my guy wrote again and asked me where I was the night and that he was sorry. Well, too late, because I had a blatant idea. I turned on my camera, pulled down the pants from my ride and started !!!!


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