Crassly f**ked by the neighbor boy !

by Lisa-Sophie

I was a fool, the letter carrier came with a parcel and I was locked out. Luckily I was able to ring my neighbor's doorbell and the door opened. The neighbor boy stood in front of the door and looked at me with wide eyes because I was only wearing a towel. I was just about to take a shower when the letter carrier came. I asked him if I could wait at his house until the locksmith came. Of course he said yes. Then he offered me some of his sister's clothes so I wouldn't have to wait the whole time with a wet towel. That was really nice, but when I changed, he looked at me and I realized immediately. Boah was I pissed because he also had his hand down his pants and was masturbating really well. His s*****z looked pretty big in his pants and I wanted to see it. He pulled it out immediately and wow... very horny.... Well why not, he's cute too and we ended up in bed. But the way he fucked me then was absolutely amazing. I like it hard and he knew how to fuck hard. He hammered me really hard... The cream went to the M****i and he played with it!


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