Risky public sex - kinky fisting and fucking games at the observation tower!

from Lisa-Sophie

The temperatures are finally getting better again, the sun is shining and you can have fun outdoors! This was also the case on our little hiking tour to the observation tower, which ended in a perverse hustle and bustle :) It started at the top, you could see everything far and wide and so everyone could see us. I had nothing under my dress and started to tease him. He also started very quickly and the bulge in his pants got bigger and bigger. We didn't even make it downstairs before it started. He started to fuck me and work my pussy! Everyone could watch us but the lust was just bigger. There was a picnic table downstairs where we continued. The f***ing turned into horny hard fisting, which brought me to my first orgasm. Outdoors it's just so hot and exciting when he sinks his whole fist into my pussy! But I also wanted to feel his s*****z and we continued to f**k on the dining table, always with the risk of being caught immediately. We both came to orgasm again! It's finally summer and who knows where else we'll go!


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