Is A**ls*x cheating ? Married craftsman seduced and sent away

by Lisa-Sophie

How lucky I was when the handyman came to my house. I hadn't had such a good-looking guy at my house for a long time. He was actually only supposed to take care of my sink drain, but when I saw him like that, I wanted him to take care of something else entirely. Since he was early, I still had my sexy outfit from a shoot on and was able to get started right away. I started to seduce the cute guy and make eyes at him. I realized that he wanted it too but something was stopping him. I told him that he was married and that his wife wouldn't allow him to fuck another pussy. I then asked again if she really only said p***y. He said yes, that his sperm is not allowed to fuck another pussy. Fortunately, I not only have a p***y, but also an a***h who likes a**ls*x! I told him that he wouldn't cheat if he only fucked my ass! He was totally surprised but wasn't averse to it and I saw that the bulge in his pants was getting bigger and bigger. I quickly took it out, pulled my pants down and put it in my ass. What a hot ass fuck and he squirted inside too!


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