Rubber ?! Just fuck me in the ass! Extreme A**l Gaping

from Lisa-Sophie

Necessity is the mother of invention and I think he did very well with it :) We had a really great night, went wild and I sucked the white one out of his s*****z. I wanted to go for a second round the next morning and suddenly he was all over me. I didn't even know what had happened at first. He said that we couldn't start a second round because I only had one rubber with me. Well, that went badly, but not for me. I suggested to him that he could just fuck me in the ass. His eyes got really big and his cock got even harder! So we started round 2 straight away and it went straight into my ass and what can I say - what a blatant ass fucking. He hammered his cock deep into my hole and f**ked me so hard. It got hotter and hotter when he pulled it out and put it back in. This kept my hole open more and more and we were able to play really hot a**l-gaping games. The sound was simply mega and the fat S*****z fitted in perfectly. The finale was a juicy A**l C******e! So it also works without rubber :)

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