F**K - What did I do there !? In Poland persuaded to p***ocasting !

by Lisa-Sophie

I was in Poland for a few days and was just about to go into the city. A guy approached me on the street and asked me if I would like to do a casting. Why not, everyone wants to be on TV once. He also seemed totally sympathetic and said that it is something quite harmless and if I feel like it, I should just come over. I thought nothing of it and am also immediately there. When I arrived at the apartment, the guy asked me if he could run a camera on the side. I had nothing against it and already it went off. He asked only a few normal things and then it was already "slippery". Whether I can imagine nude scenes and how far I would go. Since I am an open type I have no problem to show me and suddenly he wanted to see more. I thought nothing of it and showed him my breasts. But it did not stay with the breasts and then it came out. It was about a p***ocasting and I did not know what to say. I suddenly sat naked on a couch on which women are advertised for sx films.... I thought about what I was doing and then this happened!


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