Ripping off the EX's morning wood - he couldn't resist the sight!

from Lisa-Sophie

S*x with your ex is supposed to be good and passionate and it's definitely true. It was actually only supposed to be a discussion, but it ended in bed. Round two continued the next morning and he couldn't resist me again. The sight of me still made him totally horny and his S*****z stood like a charm! So I took the big cock and sat on it. I rode him off properly so that he had no chance of resisting me. I noticed his horniness and got faster and faster. He had a perfect view of my plump ass and could watch it quiver up and down. But I wanted to taste his cream again and sucked the white out of his cock. He squirted a lot and I played around with it with my tongue! He quickly realized what he missed about me and maybe he'll soon be able to use all his holes really hard again!!!


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