The popcorn trick - do you know this s*x trick?

from Lisa-Sophie

What a guy and I still fall for it, but who expects it or thinks that someone really comes up with such an idea. Well, this trick won't work on me again :) In any case, it went on very cool and we just skipped the part with watching the movie. Well, what else do you do a movie night for if not to f****n and we did that properly. Both my holes were fucked really hard. First nicely in the pussy and then directly in the ass. We did it everywhere, on the couch, then we continued on the dining table before he fucked me to orgasm again. As a good girl should, I also sucked his cock nice and clean. That's what you do as a real three-hole mare. He was also able to spread his S****a on my tongue, because he more than deserved it after that f**k. But do you know the popcorn trick or have you ever tried it yourself?


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