B**ST MICH JETZT MAMI'S NEUER ? Fremdf**k Test in High Heels

by Lisa-Sophie

Could he resist this outfit?! I put on a tight top, a short skirt and my endlessly high heels. I wanted to test him to see if he could say no or if he would stick his spanking in my pussy. It didn't take long before his cock was in my pussy and I rode him off first. To be honest, he could fuck mega well and had a fat pipe! I kept my high heels on while he fucked me and I was able to hold on to them really well. We fucked in several positions and the guy had real stamina. He rammed his cock into my pussy again and again. He was really good and I wanted to taste his cock. I knelt down and begged for his cum. The load then suddenly shot out and all over my face. I went straight to my cell phone and took the proof picture and sent it to her straight away! Hehe...how shocked he was, because he wanted to keep everything secret and nobody should find out about it... but not with me... I know that was mean but he didn't deserve it any other way, although the f**k was really cool and now he's solo again ;)))


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