Fucked and injected - Monster S*****z fucks my pussy bare

from Lisa-Sophie

I was filming a few things for social media when my f**kbuddy suddenly burst into the room. He asked me what I was doing and why I was dressed so cool. I was only wearing a skirt, a tight top and high heels. But he seemed to think it was really cool and the combination with my glasses really turned him on. You couldn't miss it because the bulge in his pants was getting bigger and bigger. Not only did I notice this, but also how he unpacked his fat s*****z. He told me that I should take a break and that he'd rather have a wank with me now. I just couldn't resist the fat and bulging cock and I knelt down in front of him. I almost couldn't get the fat part into my mouth. I also wanted to get my money's worth and spread my legs so that his cock could penetrate deep into my cunt. What a great feeling. But I wanted to feel him even deeper and rode him off lustily. He couldn't hold himself together any longer and squirted deep into my pussy. I noticed how the warm juice spread inside me and his cock pulsated.... Just a really hot ride with a juicy ending :)


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