100% orgasm explosion - when the quickie becomes a f**kextase!

from Lisa-Sophie

I wanted to surprise him and wish him a good morning, only then my orgasm escalated! He was just waking up and I climbed up the bed, took his cock in my hand and started to suck it. He got bigger and harder in my mouth. I didn't want it to be just a b**wjob, so I lay down on my f**k pillow and he penetrated me deeply. The pillow makes it super intense and hot. I felt it very quickly and I noticed how my body started to tremble. I was on the verge of orgasm and then it happened. I came and the feeling wouldn't stop. This tingling sensation in my body was simply insane. I couldn't stop moaning and the feeling got more and more intense! He kept on f**king so that I could increase my orgasm more and more. I haven't come like this for a long time and you can see my orgasmic face perfectly in the video!


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