Dirty Birthday

from Linda Asphalt Girl

To prepare, you will need your f**king machine with various attachments. You will need your hand and ankle cuffs. Find a plug that stretches you properly, your lifelike dildo and of course your orgasm rocket. Take the attachments for your f**king machine and now wrap everything in wrapping paper or tie a bow around it and place it in your living room. The f**king machine is already set up and is just waiting for you and the attachments. --- Today is your birthday, you've just got up and are freshly showered and shaved, and you're going to dress up to the nines. Choose between hold-ups or suspenders with suspender belts. Add a thong with lots of lace. Your tits will find a place in a sexy bra. Put on high heels and maybe you have a very, very thin and long coat. All you need is a very wide collar and your birthday outfit is perfect. You enter your living room and see fine presents. Sit down next to them! Spread your legs lazily and open your presents. Of course, they want to be sucked and g******t first. Swallow them all the way and grab your crotch between your legs. The coat slowly opens and you lift your breasts out of the cups. Take the next toy, blow it and work on your nipples. The plug disappears into your mouth first, finds its way between your nipples to your belly button in your pussy and then slips into your bottom. Massage as you do so! Massage your clit with one hand and fuck yourself with the plug in your bottom. Take off your coat and bra. Choose an attachment for the f**king machine and put it on. Blow the attachment deep and hard while massaging your pussy. Pull the plug out of your bottom and put it to one side. You'll need it again later. The lifelike dildo wants to be fucked. Take off your thong and put it to one side. Give the dildo a good rub and massage its balls. Use your free hand to knead your tits and pull on your nipples. Sit on the natural dildo with your gorgeous ass. Ride the dildo, swallow the attachment of the fucking machine. The f**king machine starts and fucks you hard in the mouth. You ride the dildo and continue kneading your tits. Take a break, change the attachment of the fucking machine and stroke your tits, your pussy and your ass. Take the ankle cuffs and put them on. Really tight. Make sure nothing slips. Take the handcuffs and put them on in front of your body. Everything must be tight here too. Let the fucking machine fuck you in the pussy. Harder and harder, the machine can glow and so can your pussy. Change the hole and let the f**king machine blast your ass. Mercilessly it rams the pleasure pig into you. Shift the machine down a gear. Deep, slow movements pound your ass. Reach between your legs and work your pussy. Slap you on the lips. Rub your clit. Stop the fucking machine and sit down on the sofa. Pull your legs up and spread them as wide as you can. Stuff a dildo up your ass and fuck yourself with it. Your bound hands grip your ass harder and harder. Your horniness gets bigger and bigger. You need the orgasm! The dildo gets stuck in your ass. Take your orgasm rocket. Work your pussy until you're aching with lust. Once the orgasm rocket is off, pull the dildo out of your asshole. Insert the plug and release your handcuffs and ankle cuffs. Push your pussy into your p***y and suck it off. Put on your coat and leave the scene. You're already wondering what's going to happen on your next birthday.... My birthday party with awesome presents. Unpacked and tried out straight away. Here all the candles are used wet****n and hard. My horny holes couldn't get enough of so many hard, thick presents and are already looking forward to next year. My horny birthday video with a w***s guarantee for you. Lets the candles glow


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